One Sniper Guide with my whole knowledge


As a celebration for 3 million views I wrote an airsoft sniper guide about everything I learned during my sniper education at the Austrian Military and playing the airsoft sniper role for over 7 years. In this collection I put tips for gameplay, advice what I would  buy and some stories from my past. It took me quite a long time to make and I am giving it away for just 3,50$. This few bucks allows me to do what I love. Thank you for your support!

To truly realize what airsoft is all about you have to think back to when you were a child: the joy while playing with these mechanical toys – like playing catch – these are things people nowadays just don’t recognize. Unfortunately people tend to just think in templates – they do not even bother that there is more than black and white. In a world where fighting in a real war is seen as being an adult I‘d rather be a playing child.

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